With the theater and the great Broadway musicals, Daniel Boaventura managed to combine the gift of his wonderful baritone voice with acting talent, holding leading roles in musicals that brought him to the heights of notoriety.

1993 “The Cafajestes”

Extremely gifted for acting, other than singing, his first great theatrical success was with the musical “The Cafajestes" In the 1993. It was a national success, it stayed on the bill for three years, winning the prestigious Sharp Award for Best Musical.

2001 “Victor or Victory”

It won the Quality Award for superb performance in the musical, in which he played the role of gangster King Marchan.

2002 "Beauty and the Beast"

It was also in the theater that Daniel Boaventura played one of the iconic characters of his acting career, Gaston, in the musical “A Bela e a Fera” (The beauty and the Beast), which stayed on the bill for a good while 18 months. The artist was considered the best actor ever to play that role in the musical.

2004 “Chicago”

It was then the turn of the great musical "Chicago", playing the role of attorney Billy Flinn, winning once again the Quality Award.


My Fair Lady, a masterpiece of universal theater and the best musical comedy in Broadway history, which debuted in a super production by Jorge Takla at the Teatro Alfa, on March 8 2007, under the direction of Jorge Takla and the Press Office of Marra Comunicação.

Celebrating universal values ​​such as female liberation and love between people of different social classes, “My Fair Lady”, the eternally young and intelligent comedy debuts in Brazil with Daniel Boaventura (Professor Higgins), Amanda Acosta (Eliza Doolittle), Francarlos Reis (Alfred Doolittle), Tadeu Aguiar (Coronel Pickering), Frederick Silveira (Freddy Eynsford-Hill), Shame on Pessin (Mrs. Higgins), Noemia Duarte (Mrs. Pearce), great cast and approx 20 musicians in orchestra, in total of 60 people on stage.

Based on the play Pigmaleão, di George Bernard Shaw, tell the clever story, dynamic and exhilarating of a powerful and distinguished professor of phonetics, Henry Higgins (Daniel Boaventura), eccentric, spoiled and seductive, betting with his friend Colonel Pickering ( Tadeu Aguiar) ) managing to transform a poor flower seller, Eliza Doolittle (Amanda Acosta), whose aspirations were reduced to getting a few coins around Covent Garden, into a grand lady of high society.

2011 “Evita”

Daniel Boaventura joined the cast of the super production 'Evita’ Actor Daniel Boaventura returned to the stage to play Juan Perón in the musical "Evita", by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, on display at the Teatro Alfa. Paula Capovilla (in the role of Evita) and Fred Silveira (in the role of Che) complete the trio in the Brazilian version of the work, which debuted in 1978 and received six Tony Awards. Jorge Takla signs the general management.

“Evita” tells the fascinating story of Argentine First Lady Eva Perón. The new edit was entirely created and performed in Brazil, with Brazilian artists and crew, entirely sung in Portuguese – in a version by Cláudio Botelho especially for this production.

Something that can feel big and sometimes scary for many actors. But Daniel Boaventura faces everything with a certain calm. “Evita” is the third collaboration with Takla, a director he defines as “a cultured man, attentive to details, that spares no effort to exhibit works of the best possible quality”.

2012 "The Addams Family"

In the 2012 played the role of Gomez Addams in the musical "The Addams Family" alongside the great actress Marisa Orth.

Consecrated actor of Brazilian musicals, Daniel Boaventura says he looked for inspiration in one of Chico Anísio's most famous characters to compose Gomez, the head of the Addams clan. “I was very inspired by the ways of Alberto Roberto, which is phenomenal and why Chico is a genius”. And depending on the actor's enthusiasm, il musical, which is filming in the United States, will be a hit in Brazil. “We made three presentations with the widest possible age range and managed to please them a lot. So, our expectation is the best possible”, comments the actor.

Also proud of the Brazilian production of the show, creative consultant and award-winning director Jerry Zaks, but also responsible for directing actresses such as Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton, as well as some episodes of “Two men and a half” – talks about the challenges of bringing the show to the country. “The biggest difficulty was translating into Portuguese and finding a way to adapt the words so that they made sense to the Brazilian audience, with care in keeping the rhymes”, explains the director, which spares no praise for the Brazilian cast: “I'm sure we've found the best people. I had fun in Brazil and made friends. The word for this cast is 'wonder’ ”, conclude.

2018 “Peter Pan”

Another great theatrical success of Daniel Boaventura was the musical "Peter Pan". The tale of the boy who refused to grow up, “Peter Pan”, it has become a landmark in literature, in cinema and also in theater and the Broadway musical version got a Brazilian production, with Mateus Ribeiro in the title role and Daniel Boaventura in two roles: Captain Hook and Mr Darling. The show directed by José Possi Neto. Bianca Tadini is also on stage (Wendy), Maria Netto (Mrs. Darling), Peter Navarro (Smee), Carol Botelho (Tiger Lilly), Gabriel Cordeiro/Murilo Martins (John Darling) and Henry Gaspar/Luís Prudencio (Michael Darling )). In all 29 actors, accompanied by an orchestra with 17 musicians.

2019 “Sunset Boulevard”

Glamour, power and greed in the musical that made Broadway history. This is "Sunset Boulevard", a super production that at the Santander Theater marked the return to the stage of one of the most loved duets in Brazilian theatre: Marisa Orth and Daniel Boaventura. They starred in the seven-time Tony Award-winning show, with music by Andrew Lloyd Weber. The art direction of the Brazilian montage was by Fred Hanson, another co-production by IMM Esporte and Entretenimento and entrepreneur and producer Stephanie Mayorkis, by EGG Entertainment.

Daniel Boaventura as Max von Mayerling, Norma's butler, which in the original edition was played by George Hearn, who also won a Tony for the role. "He's a dark character, introspective, but his presence in history is strong and hides a great secret”, adds. “Being a part of such a huge musical is undoubtedly cause for celebration, but also great is the responsibility. 'Sunset Boulevard' is one of composer Andrew Lloyd Webber's greatest hits.", comment.

2022 "The Addams Family" Second edition

Ten years after a successful season in São Paulo, il musical “The Addams Family” returned to the Renault Theater presenting once again Marisa Orth and Daniel Boaventura as the iconic couple Mortícia and Gomez Addams. Between one version and another, the artists gathered on stage in 2019, when they starred in the musical “Sunset Boulevard”. This collaboration is, Indeed, successful and the actors make it clear on stage when they lead the numbers in complete harmony. The musical The Addams Family that won the hearts of thousands of Brazilians and the world.

The Italian director Federico Bellone clarified that the musical is a new production and that in its creation process he had to abandon the original editing. During the poll on what the public would have expected from this return of 'The Addams Family', he understood that he needed to make an exquisite Broadway-level production. And that's what he did. The show has acquired new costumes, special effects and impressive scenography: the Addams house was one of the highlights. For the director, these changes take the current editing to another level.


2009 – Daniel launched himself as a singer, with his first studio album, titled “Songs 4U” con 40.000 copies sold.

2010 – The following year, after playing a singing police officer in the soap opera “Passion”, Daniel has released his second CD "Italian", with excerpts from the soap opera.

2012 – The first DVD of his career, which bore his name, “Daniel Boaventura Live” earned him a gold record and boosted a tour with over 150 shows in Brazil.

2014 – is launched CD “One More Kiss” in line with a launch tour, and it was another sales success for the singer.

In the same year he released the lDVD in Mexico “Daniel Boaventura Live In Mexico” Latin version of the homonymous work by 2012, reaching second place and remaining for three months in the TOP 10 of the World Music category at Mix Up.

2015 – The album is launched, “Your Song”. Direct from Raoni Carneiro, the romantic Your Song was recorded at the Bradesco Theater in Rio de Janeiro, where the singer performed hits like “The Lady Is A Tramp”, immortalized in Sinatra's voice, “Love Me Tender”, of Elvis, e “ Your Song”, classic by Elton John and which gives its name to the DVD. The novelty deals with songs in Portuguese, a nice gift for Brazilian fans and a tribute to King Roberto Carlos, singing 'How Are You', ‘Look’ and ‘How Great I Love You’.

2019 – Then it was Russia's turn, with the DVD produced with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra “From Russia with Love”, with a vast repertoire of songs in Italian, French, Spanish, English and Russian.

2021 – he has recorded two EPs entitled “Christmas is Coming” and with Christmas songs. Daniel has duetted with great performers such as Bryan Behr, Ivete Sangalo, Paula Fernandes, i Melim and interpreted the Ave Maria accompanied on the piano by the great Maestro João Carlos Martins.

2023 – launched the first single he composed with Michael Bublé guitarist Marcelo Camargo titled “Best Part of the Show. A pop ballad that is already a hit record on music platforms and on youtube.


Mexico represented for the artist a very important springboard for his international career.

It was almost unpretentious that Daniel Boaventura began his international career in Mexico. Projecting success outside Brazil, the artist did not imagine that the Mexican public would welcome him so warmly.

About two years after having his first show in 2015 in the Lunario of the National Auditorium, recorded the DVD Daniel Boaventura Ao Vivo no México.

In an exclusive interview with the Famous Observatory, the artist travels back in time and remembers the beginning of everything: “It was pretty crazy, in a good way. In the 2015 My record company sent my first DVD to Mexico, came out in 2012 in Brazil (Daniel Boaventura Live), at the request of Sony Mexico. Once there, they started showing it in record stores, on the screens, to feel the temperature”.

Daniel Boaventura subsequently performed at the Teatro Metropólitan in Mexico City, impressing with his talent and managing to sell out all tickets for both dates at that venue.

These shows were part of his tour of 2019 with which he returned to Mexico after his stay in Russia. Place where he recorded From Russia with Love, his second CD + DVD with the Philharmonic Orchestra of that country; a production that in Mexico had an incredible response and acceptance from the public.

During the shows, plus new songs, the singer was able to share with his loyal followers great hits such as “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Maybe, Perhaps, Perhaps)”, “Thorned heart”, “September”, ” Kiss Me a lot” and to close the evenings, full of dance, romance and nostalgia, performed “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You”.

Closing the presentations with an emblematic photograph between him, his appreciated audience and the Mexican flag.

Without doubt they were two great presentations to remember, as those present demonstrate that, enthusiastic and delighted by the artist, they had the opportunity to meet him and ask him to autograph his multiple albums and photographs after the concerts.

Closing the presentations with an emblematic photograph between him, his appreciated audience and the Mexican flag.

Without doubt they were two great presentations to remember, as those present demonstrate that, enthusiastic and delighted by the artist, they had the opportunity to meet him and ask him to autograph his multiple albums and photographs after the concerts.


After consolidating in Brazil, with annual performances in the main performing houses of the country, the singer and actor Daniel Boaventura has won Mexican hearts, that on April 8 2022 formed a choir of 10,000 people on the stage of the Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City. This show marks a special achievement in the singer's career, for appearing in the cultural center, located in Mexico City, where the main performances of the country and Latin America take place.

“Doing a show at the National Auditorium is certainly exciting. Few Brazilians will appear in this venue which is recognized as the most important show venue in Latin America. Do a show at the sold out Auditório Nacional, it is a dream that I realize and that will open the doors to other Latin markets. It's really a special moment for me.", says the singer.

In the repertoire Mexicans can expect the main tracks of two six four DVDs: “Daniel Boaventura Live”, “Your Song”, “Live in Mexico” e “From Russia with love”. The re-readings of Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Sammy Davies Jr, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz and Tom Jobim will be present on this inevitable night in the artist's career.

The great success of the first concert at the Auditorio Nacional, led to the fabulous Tour 2022, he “10 years tour”, to celebrate ten years of career as a singer, con 23 concerts in major Mexican cities, with an absolutely commendable critical and public success.

From Mexico, Daniel Boaventura's fame has spread to every continent where in recent years fan clubs have sprung up which contribute to increasing his notoriety.

The Fan Club Italia is the first to be born on the European continent and Italy is the first European country to open the doors of a new era of success for this extraordinary artist, with a velvety voice and a charming and charismatic personality.